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SaFx XteriA~ with his CAT, HaHa.~

DiS iS an impOrtant mOment for mE! HaHa~ DiS iS dA 1st blOg I’ve 3veR writteN. It’s sOmething I’ve wAnted tO dO fOr a lOng timeE, but wasn’t sure hOw tO dO it[Excuse Only, I'm Lazy Actually..XD], wherE, wheN, Or eveN iF. And finally, NOW I AM. :D - PeOpLe saY dAt blOgs are liKE a diarY (dO I hide it under my bed, lock it with a key meyhhh? Tell it all my secrets meyhhh? It seeMs liKE a wOnderful placE tO sharE mY thOughts with yOu, or what I dO.) and bLa. bLa.. bLaa.. :P~  It’s gOing tO be fuN sharing mY thOughts with yOu guyS, Outside dA cOntext of a BOOK. OK.. So here gOes…. I OFFICIALLY POST MY FIRST POST.. ngEeEeE.XD 

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