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Good friends are like Stars,  you don't always see them, but you know they are always there.

We are just a normal person who like to go around and see the beauty of the world. My latest trip with my friends was Penang.

So our trip started at 10.00am where everybody is surprisingly ON TIME, while I came 'a bit' late thinking that nobody in the right mind would come ON TIME..
guess i was wrong, coz Syidi meow at me..hahaaha..

We head on to Batu Feringgi for breakfast first…
There~ we only ate roti bakar (toasted bread) at
Batu Feringgi and then we try the beach. It was all itchy,
after we dipped ourself in the water (not foolish enough
to swim though). Then, off we go to Queensbay.

After that, we went to Bukit Bendera. Now, they got a pathway direct from parking lot to the Bukit Bendera entrance. Well done Penang!!

We took cable car up to the hill. Luckily not many tourists that day. Just took 10 mins to queue and I got into the cable car. ^^

Now, Bukit Bendera got a owl museum. For those who are interested with owl accessories can pay a visit here.

We had lunch at “Nasi Kandar Line Clear”.
The stalls are located at  Penang

Then we go round and round
the whole Penang. The weather
was good during the whole trip.

When night occur, we went straight for our dinner venue. It the “Naza Café” @ Seagate, Penang.

There have a live karaoke show. If your voice nice, you can try sing a song at that place. I’m afraid so I don’t go. HaHa~

We headed to night market after dinner and that place is so crowded, we can’t stand there.

Then, we headed back to Alor Setar after shopping at night market and I slept alllllllll the way through the 3 hours' journey again. HaHa~

This obviously won't be my last time going to Penang, even more so when I was there was less than 24 hours and didn't do much. But I enjoyed myself! I would've rather have a more chilled out trip like this one than one where we try to fit as much as possible and be constantly in a rush.

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